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Chain Reaction

We’ve come to the conclusion that body chains may just be the missing link between jewelry and clothing; the offspring of grunge and classic styles coupled with an eccentric bohemian influence. They add understated glimmer to your bikini and double as a waist-slimming belt atop loose-fitting layers. But unlike so many wishy-washy trends, these silhouette-enhancing chains have serious staying power.

Astor Gold Body Chain

Our collection of body chains is courtesy of renowned jewelry designer to the stars, Vanessa Mooney, whose creations have been seen on everyone from Jessica Alba to Megan Fox. Mooney knows her stuff when it comes to jewelry aesthetics, and these stylish pieces are sure to fit any style tastes.

Gold Rush

Spring calls to mind beachy waves, pastel colors and sunny gold-toned accessories to help brighten your closet’s transition from winter wool to flirty florals. Fans of gold jewelry will adore this simple and delicate gold body chain, which drapes into a “Y” design from the neckline and then hugs your waist for a pretty silhouette.

Silver Lining

Remember when Matthew McConaughey coined the phrase “Frost yourself” in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Of course you do, because it was Matthew McConaughey in an adorable romantic comedy, but it also rings true to womankind’s collective adoration of decadent silver jewelry. This feminine and oh-so-classy body chain delivers just the right amount of frosting to liven up a little black dress.


Out of the (Greenish) Blue

Minimalism is perfect for Parisian chic capsule wardrobes, but sometimes an outfit needs a little something extra. Whether you live for mixing prints or just want to update a basic cream tunic, this body chain offers an unexpected pop of turquoise for added personality. Pair it with a red dress for a bold statement, or simply enhance your t-shirt dress and Keds with a subtle color pop.

So move over, statement necklaces. We’re breaking up with you – frankly, you were sort of fussy and overbearing at times. Our new love affair with body chains is the perfect complement to warm weather concerts, road trips, and beach resorts. From singers Miley Cyrus and Rihanna to Victoria’s Secret stunner Candace Swanapoel, celebrities have also embraced this upgraded accessory as a statement piece. Its ability to evolve with ease from festival perfection to beach parties only adds to its unique charm.

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